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An Empty Waiting Room – What’s Not To Like?

“A year ago in February 2016 we took the plunge and embarked on GP Access. The time between making that decision and going live was barely 4 weeks, but in that time Harry and his team analysed our data, gave us information about staffing levels, leaflets and publicity for our patients and training for staff.

Since then we haven’t really looked back. It is fair to say that some of our patients have taken longer than others to get used to the system, but now mostly they all understand how it works and comply. We do still get the occasional walk-ins, but manage these effectively. Our DNA rate has also dropped dramatically.

We have developed our own way of using the system, which is unique to us – but that is the beauty of the concept.

From the point of view of our patients, in particular those who ring in the first couple of hours of the working day, by mid-morning most will have spoken to the Doctor of their choice and be coming to the Surgery either to have a face to face consultation with a doctor, nurse or to have investigations carried out prior to a GP appt…  Or at the other end of the day, those phoning after 4pm have been called back and seen by 6pm if that is what is needed!

We often get remarks about the lack of patients lingering in our Waiting Room and it was interesting that when the CQC came to inspect us only a couple of months after we had embarked on the new way of working, they were most disappointed not to find anyone who had waited ‘hours’ in the Waiting Room to interview opportunistically. I think it came as quite a shock to them!”

Michèle Hole, Senior Receptionist, Millbrook Surgery, Castle Cary, Somerset.

See what a Millbrook patient wrote in the local paper in June 2016.


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