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Launch toolkit

You want to become a demand led practice.  Here’s the kit.toolkit

Knowledge of the demand led system is spreading as more and more GPs see the benefits.  You’ve made your minds up to change, and you have a pretty good idea of how… only, what if it goes wrong?

There are pitfalls, but working with over 100 practices we’ve learned how to keep you out of them.  Better than that, we don’t want you just to survive change, but to thrive.

How do we help?

  • Your personal training partner is available to your change leader throughout the programme, by email, telephone and through your own dedicated resource webpage.
  • You lead the change over five stages:
    Consensusamong partners – you have reached this already.
    Preparing the whole team – Loadmaster is crucial for planning, alongside all our advice.
    Launch Day: you’ve named the date, and understand this means abolishing the old system.
    Adapting – the early weeks are crucial to get stability and control.  You need the data.
    Affirming the way forward after 8 more weeks, so you can continue with confidence
  • Our e-learning programme for GPs and receptionists is easily done in an hour or two.
  • Navigator:  the essential performance measurement suite, easy to operate yet comprehensive to inform advice on problems and embed continuous improvement.

What this is not

  • Persuading you of the need to abolish the old system – you know that
  • Overcoming your doubts and fears – you’ve done that
  • Leading the change for you – you are confident to do so
  • Bringing along team members who are dragging – that’s part of your leadership

These are all important, and we do help practices through them with our full launch programme, on site or remote. The launch toolkit is the most basic level we offer and it is to ensure an enthusiastic practice becomes a successful one, two very different things.

What we won’t do is let you make mistakes from ignorance.  Quite often what seems entirely logical turns out to be counterproductive, and it can take you a very long time to find out the hard way.  To sustain change you need to optimise the system’s efficiency fast, and for that you need good quality data, the expertise to interpret it and confidence to act.

For more details,

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Cost:  one off 30p/patient list size plus vat, minimum £1,500.

The timeline, advice, data analysis and feedback, online training and personal support are all included.  Patient leaflets are extra and can be purchased at £195/thousand plus vat.  We recommend around 1/10 of list size.

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Want more guidance and support for what is a major change for your practice?  Choose one of our full launch programmes.

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