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Understanding demand

Demand weekly

Weekly demand shows trends for planning

Fundamental to running a good service is a precise understanding of demand.  The data is actual consultations delivered, and while this may be restricted by supply, in a well running practice it reflects patient needs accurately.  Supply closely matches demand so that no one is turned away.

The default time base is weekly and the example shows what happens typically when a practice launches a new system.  There may be an increase in contacts at first, because of previously unmet need.

Demand daily

Daily demand like a heartbeat, Mondays higher

Red is telephone consultations, blue face to face.  On the selection boxes at the left choices can be made to see GP or other clinician consultations. Change the time base to zoom into the daily view. and move the slider to the right to show most recent days.  This shows clearly the predictable differences between days of the week, which means planning GP rotas to match.  This is made even easier through the Demand>Daily consults chart.

Demand monthly

Demand stable over months and years.

What happens over a longer period?  Zoom out to see the month by month view.  The example here shows that contrary to expectations, demand over time is stable and does not rise as access becomes easier.

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