Our vision: to transform access to medical care.

Navigator single practice plans – three levels

Ensure continuous improvement is business as usual for your practice,  and track your progress week by week.  Learn and build understanding without the effort of manual data collection.

Practice performance suite
Telephone and email support
Loadmaster – intelligent rota planning
elearning programme for GPs & receptionists
Datalog – online data capture
Monthly report and tele-conference
Patient surveys & analysis
Practice group analysis
Secondary care analysis
Subscription, monthly per patient3p6p10p
Annual prepaid subscription per patient30p60p£1.00
One off analysis & report over 2 years data, per patient23p35p


Minimum subscription is six months.  Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Invoicing is by monthly transfer.  Prepaid annual subscription offers two months free.

All practice list sizes are covered but pricing assumes a minimum of 6,000.

Example:  a practice with list size 7,900 selects annual Silver plan, cost is £4,740 plus VAT.

Availability:  over 95% of UK clinical systems are compatible.  The service covers all standard GP contracts.  For reporting on 8-8, 7 day services, vulnerable patients and with both individual practice and collective analysis, see our Navigator Group Plans.

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