Doublespeak and doublethink – the 5YFV review

Forgive me for thinking I’d woken up yesterday in 1984 when the headline ran, “Waits for routine operations will increase from 18 weeks in order to enable improvements in other areas…” Everything in this sentence shouts what is wrong with NHS leadership thinking.  To a patient, operations aren’t urgent/routine:  they are what they need, with […]

Dear Mrs May

I wrote last week to Mr Hunt and sat by the phone all weekend, but it appears ministers are not offering a proper out of hours response so I have little choice but to go direct to Emergency PMQs. Your headlines:  “a large number of surgeries are not providing proper out of hours care – […]

Taking back control of your day

Dr Tom Black writes in GP Frontline December 2016 for RCGP Bright Ideas – pdf  here Find a summary article on the RCGP website.  

webGP eConsult GP Forward View pricing

webGP eConsult GPFV page suggests a rush to sign up to a plan by 23 December. Further details are given in their eConsult brochure GPFV, and if you’re short of time, the eConsult_Leaflet. Claiming 300 practices using the product, it is notable to see the extensive quotes from their 2013 pilot study of 20 practices, 14 […]

Dissed in the Daily Mail – front page, oh joy!

I’ve had to re-write the whole thing because, deep joy, we’ve made it to the front page of the Daily Mail.  And as everyone knows, the only good news in DM is royal babies so to be traduced in such huge type is truly living the dream. You can read the fully made up Mail […]

“Digital enablers” all over the STPs – meaning?

It’s been a tumultuous week as big business interests threaten our way of life like never before.  Thankfully the attempt by Toblerone to bury the bad news as they cut 10% off our chocolate has spectacularly backfired. More important news struggling to get heard is the publication of the first of 44 STPs covering England. […]

Why can’t I call my GP at any time of day?

Last week I was at the RCGP annual conference in Harrogate and a jolly good time it was too, meeting friends old and new and having all the same conversations, with a new case study from Belfast.  Even made it to a fine Yorkshire tea at Betty’s. But the highlight by a mile was when […]

Good news doesn’t sell… does get passed on

For many years my wife and I have woken up to the soothing strains of Radio 3 (70 years old today) at precisely 7.04am, to ensure that we miss the news. Our generation are the luckiest humans ever to have lived on earth, yet corruption, violence and calamity make up so much of what the […]

Pulse: does telephone triage reduce GP workload?

Back in April I was asked by Pulse to write an article for their debate, “Does telephone triage reduce workload?” and offered the princely sum of £120.  After I’d written and submitted it as agreed in good faith, they decided that only the views of GPs would be printed.  To be fair to Pulse I suppose that […]

Northern Ireland GPs show us how

Unusual, but I was rendered pretty nearly speechless this week when a blog appeared on the BMA Northern Ireland Community page. They lead with an outcome which is vital for patients. They present the context, tougher in NI than other parts of the UK because of fewer GPs per patient. They talk about method, rather than […]