Something to aim at

I’m just back from my first ever parkrun, and what a phenomenon it is.  If you haven’t done one of these 5km runs near you at 9 on a Saturday morning, give it a go – you don’t even have to run. One of the joys is that you are doing it with hundreds of […]

4/5 hospitals need to improve. And the other one?

Couple of mornings ago I was just enjoying my porridge when the Today programme told me that four out of five hospitals need to improve!  Spluttering, I had to leave the porridge to cool while I took to Twitter. No, it’s not the four I’m worried about, but the other one which presumably thinks it doesn’t […]

Beware, Mr Trump

Dear Mr Trump, I get your sense of terror towards all those out groups like women, liberals, Mexicans, Muslims, Chinese (not Russians, oddly?), hordes from abroad… but they aren’t your biggest worry. You’ve made a great start on dismantling the hateful Obamacare.  OK, 20 miliion more Americans got health insurance, but it didn’t make much […]

NHS crisis and cognitive dissonance

So the Red Cross tells us there’s a humanitarian crisis in our NHS hospitals and ambulance services.  What reactions does that trigger in your mind? This is the same Red Cross which is helping those left alive flee the ruins of Aleppo, and in context I don’t know about you but I have a problem […]

Why I’m looking forward to 2017

Yesterday in deep frost the view from Great Mell Fell in Cumbria was blissful.  I hope your holiday had similar moments, and they will continue to inspire as we get to work in 2017. I’m optimistic about the year ahead as more and more GPs and their patients are seeing the benefits of a demand […]

Taking back control of your day

Dr Tom Black writes in GP Frontline December 2016 for RCGP Bright Ideas – pdf  here Find a summary article on the RCGP website.  

They don’t want you to read this

3:30 on Tuesday a practice manager tells me, “I’ve got GPs wandering around, wondering what to do.  We’ve run out of patients”.  Me:  “Get them cleaning windows.”  It was day 2 of launch. Last week a receptionist at a practice 3 months in told me “it’s really quiet today” – we often hear the same, […]

“I don’t believe it!”

I was talking to a lovely Yorkshire GP this week who knows our work and knows his own kind very well.  He told me how the GPs would listen carefully to the evidence, hear the testimonies of colleagues, nod sagely at how impressive it all was and would solve precisely the problems they face.  Finally […]

Marginal gains – don’t get out of bed

Not long ago a local NHS manager told me they were pursuing the Dave Brailsford model of lots of tiny little improvements – he the cycling supremo who let us bring home so much gold from the Olympics.  I thought it a one off comment, but a blog of Roy Lilley’s this week called it […]

Welcome to the no waiting room

I shared a lift to the Best Practice show this week with my very good friend Gareth McCague and crawling along the M6 he asks me, “what does your demand led system mean for premises?” Well that got me thinking, because one of the first things we notice is the empty chairs on Mondaymorning – […]