Our vision: to transform access to medical care.

Launch, the complete practice performance system


Your step by step guide to a happier practice.

A system where the GP telephones first means that patients are given rapid and safe service and GP productivity can rise by 20%. That translates into lower stress, saved time and cost, and a happier practice.

There are pitfalls, but through our work with over 100 diverse practices the launch programme and resources which support it are proving effective time after time.

How do we help?

  • We guide you through our proven 5 stages to a new working system:
    Consensus among partners, and appointing a change leader.
    Preparing the whole staff team, your patients and your systems.
    Launch Day when everything changes and the new routine works from day one
    Adapting – support is at hand after launch as you need rapid, expert attention
    Affirming the way forward after 8 more weeks, continuing with confidence.
  • We are available to all your staff throughout the programme, by email and telephone and through our online resources
  • Our e-learning programme for GPs helps you quickly master telephone consulting.
  • 3 months subscription to our Navigator suite:  measurement, feedback and advice to address problems as they arise and embed continuous improvement.  See what practices have achieved over time on the case studies page.

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The investment is a one off fee of £1.20 per patient, minimum £6,000, plus travel and VAT with on site support.  If you have done the on site Pathfinder programme and launch within 6 weeks, half of the fee is credited to your on site launch.

The remote launch is exactly the same as above, but all communications and meetings with your training partner are remote, meaning the investment is exactly half at 60p per patient plus VAT.

How long will it take?

Just 12 weeks, with the Launch date three to four weeks from the start. We find that once they have decided, practices want to move fast.

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