askmyGP End User License Summary

Thank you for using the askmyGP service.

Before you use this service, we wanted to outline some of the key points from the End User Licence Agreement (“EULA”) (which can be found here). Please note that this document is not a legally binding contract, nor does it replace the EULA. It is an overview of what we consider to be the key points in the EULA.

Use and Availability

We hope that you find using our service helpful. The purpose of the service is to help you access medical services more quickly. By accessing the service you will provide detailed information about your medical situation which is then passed on to your GP practice for assessment.

Although you may be able to access the service outside normal surgery hours at your GP practice, any messages relayed through the service will not be read outside normal surgery hours. If you require assistance outside normal surgery hours, you must call your out-of-hours GP or the emergency services as appropriate.

The service can be used at any time of day however from time to time updates to the service may take place which which may mean you cannot use the service until you have updated your hardware or software which you are accessing the service on.

From time to time we may change the terms of the EULA and you should read and accept any new terms before continuing to use the service.


The service is designed to help you access medical services more easily and quickly. It does not constitute medical advice. We do not offer medical advice and cannot be responsible for anything you decide to do (or not do) as a result of using our service. If you require emergency medical attention you should contact your GP directly or the emergency services as appropriate.

Payment and Duration

The service is made available to you free of charge.

You may stop accessing or using the service at any time.

We reserve the right to terminate the services provided for any reason and at any time.

Upon termination of the services you must immediately cease all use of the services.

Confidentiality and Data

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us and we take data protection very seriously. To that end, we try to ensure that any data we do collect from you in the course of your use of this application is stored in an anonymous form.

By using the service you consent to us collecting and using technical information about the devices you access the services on in order to improve our products and the service we provide to you.

If you give us consent to do so we may contact you directly by e-mail or SMS to the e-mail address and telephone number you provide to us in your request for the service for the purposes of research and quality improvement.

Effective 12 August 2015.