So what is an e-consultation?

Well I was right about the bombardment of doom ceasing for just one day.  They are at it again, and  NHS England’s £2.4 bn GP Forward View is “not nearly enough, not the right stuff and not soon enough.”  Never mind, it is what it is. Though not one of the 1700 words Shakespeare coined,  “e-consultation” […]

GP Forward View: be careful what you wish for

For one day at least the bombardment of doom is silenced:  GP leaders have lined up to say that the NHS England’s GP Forward View is largely what they wanted.  (The same can’t be said of  GP forums of course, but we know many of them would make a tabloid editor blush.  First comment on […]

Learning from 20,000 online demands

As we have passed 20,000 online demands from patients we review what we have learned about how “undifferentiated demand” converts into the symptoms expressed by patients, the patterns of those over time and differences between populations and their needs. First presented at Digital Health Oxford DHOx meeting on 18th April 2016.

General practice: cunning plans vs the real thing

I suppose it’s a bit like saying, “Those new carbon fibre wheels have done wonders for my cycle speed and handling.  I know, why don’t I get a set of four and put them on my car?” Thus we learn from this week’s Emergency Medicine Journal that all those GPs in A&E schemes don’t work. […]

Dr Ashley Liston, Encompass practice, Washington

Speaking at the RCGP North event “General Practice Reimagined” in Newcastle, 15th April 2016, Dr Ashley Liston explains his practice’ journey through change. Slides 17ff show the outcomes.

No more mushy, fudgy, bumbling along

I’m going to make enemies in this blog.  Not because I want any more, but because I’m asking for critical thinking, evaluation of evidence, judgment. The zeitgeist says “no one size fits all”.  It’s even written into the NHS Five Year Forward View, page 16.  In a postmodern world anything goes.  Now anything goes in […]

Failure hurts, thankfully

askmyGP has been operating for over a year now, long enough to have clocked up a couple of failed practices.  That hurts, obviously, and I’m not going to name or blame anyone, but try to draw out what we have learned. The strange thing in both was not that it didn’t work, but that it […]

Doing what, officially, cannot be done

A couple of things this week have given us great joy at GP Access, and I make no apology for talking about them because we need to turn around the prevailing wind of moans. The first was talking to Rupert Bankart about his practice in Peterborough.  For all the reasons which bedevil general practice at […]

Turning your patients on to e-consultations

A reminder that our webinar starts in 24 hours, live tomorrow Thursday 3rd March at 8pm and Friday 4th at 1pm. Yesterday I recorded the interview with Dr Rupert Bankart and was stunned by what he had to say. “This has changed general practice… It’s enabled us to get through the patients more efficiently, financially […]

Dr Rupert Bankart talks about askmyGP

I spoke to Dr Rupert Bankart about how they had introduced askmyGP at Botolph Bridge Community Health Centre, and what difference it had made to the practice. In his own words:   Scroll through the slides at your own pace here: