Northern Ireland GPs show us how

Unusual, but I was rendered pretty nearly speechless this week when a blog appeared on the BMA Northern Ireland Community page. They lead with an outcome which is vital for patients. They present the context, tougher in NI than other parts of the UK because of fewer GPs per patient. They talk about method, rather than […]

Doing what, officially, cannot be done

A couple of things this week have given us great joy at GP Access, and I make no apology for talking about them because we need to turn around the prevailing wind of moans. The first was talking to Rupert Bankart about his practice in Peterborough.  For all the reasons which bedevil general practice at […]

Dr Rupert Bankart talks about askmyGP

I spoke to Dr Rupert Bankart about how they had introduced askmyGP at Botolph Bridge Community Health Centre, and what difference it had made to the practice. In his own words:   Scroll through the slides at your own pace here:

Enabling Demand-Led General Practice

We are starting the New Year with a positive vision of what we collectively can do and how to do it. Call it a manifesto, in this major new paper we show how GPs can solve their capacity problem, improve patient care and rediscover the joy in their work.  Click to view. Early reviews from leaders […]

Abuse of the system, or by the system

I was speaking at the Lincs Practice Managers’ conference on Friday and started chatting over breakfast with another hotel guest, about each other’s work.  Neil (not his real name) was passing through on his way back to Harrogate (real name). Neil went straight into describing his dreadful recent neck and back pain, when he hadn’t […]

RCGP 2015 No more hanging on the telephone

Presented at the RCGP Annual Conference, Glasgow 1-3 October 2015, poster 196 Printable pdf: RCGP 196 No more hanging on the telephone

RCGP 2015 Smarter access improves clinical care

Presented at the RCGP Annual Conference, Glasgow 1-3 October 2015.  See narrative below from Dr Peter Cairns and colleagues at Wester Hailes Medical Practice. Printable pdf: RCGP 5769 Wester Hailes online access Four month update report on askmyGP. We have been collaborating now with askmyGP for 4 months. We agreed we would document our experiences and […]

EFPC 2015 Video case study askmyGP

Presented at EFPC 2015 Amsterdam conference. With English subtitles.

Make good news

It’s sort of summer and though we got very wet and cold from St David’s on our tandem Side to Side Cycle across Britain last week, we plan to continue next weekend, to Lowestoft.  A triumph of hope over experience? Without hope there is only fear.  We need good news, which doesn’t get headlines, because […]

Patient with chest pain – GPs, what would you do?

Used with permission by the patient, this 52 year old male (fit, non-smoker, normal weight, no significant previous history) experienced these symptoms on Wednesday lunchtime.  He ignored them.  He drove 40 miles to pick up a colleague from an airport.  He went to work on Thursday, and again on Friday.  In the early hours of […]