Phoenix Surgery, Swindon, rises irrepressibly

Phoenix surgery
Launching their new system on 9th December 2013 in the full heat of winter pressures, Phoenix has rarely been out of the news since then.  On Sky News here, they are back to earth here in the Swindon Link.

“Sam”, one of their patients, writes in NHS Choices:

I firstly have a bad case of White Coat Syndrome and do not visit my GP unless I really have to. Today was that day, I called the very helpful receptionist who explained the new system and that my own GP was on duty at 10am and would call me within the hour.

Within the hour the doctor called me and we had a verbal consultation where they demanded (very nicely, but they know they need to be firm for me to attend my appointment) that I come to the surgery, they gave me an appointment within half an hr

I got to the surgery and had just sat down when they called me through, I was treated with the utmost respect, they offered me a very diverse service (knowing I am scared) they humored me whilst they did tests and made their diagnosis.

I do not know why I am scared of the Dr’s as my GP is fantastic and with this new service on obtaining an appointment I know that I do not have time to procrastinate on booking appointments or to wait for days for a consultation
I note that this is surgery is also compliant with the Essential Standards and I will also be making my feelings known to CQC

Register with Phoenix for a fantastic service and good person centred care and support!
Visited in December 2013. Posted on 17 December 2013

Pasted from the original here:

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