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Calculate clinical hours per day

How long does it take to work through all the patient demands expected in the day?

In the new thinking demand, which includes variation,  is a given.  The problem becomes, “How can we help all our patients, all day, every day?”

Calculate the number of clinical hours needed per day per GP.  While your Navigator charts show you what values you are actually achieving, you can set the variables to any number you like. We suggest starting with about 40 calls/day (which might be 25-30 am and 10-15 pm).  You could start with 5 minutes for a telephone and 10 for a face to face consultation.  Telephone often reduces over time, but there are very few GPs below 4 minutes.  The average resolve rate is 60%, the range between 50 and 70% and this often increases over time.

Try changing values and see the effect.

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