Our vision: to transform access to medical care.

NHS Hardwick CCG Workload & Access

Hardwick Hall gardens © National Trust/John Millar

Hardwick gardens © National Trust/John Millar

We are delighted to support the Hardwick CCG vision for primary care which responds to patient needs, rapidly, appropriately to the person and their condition, and in line with continuity of care from their local GP.

We have put together a special programme for Hardwick practices on three principles:

  • You need clear and comprehensive information for yourselves and the CCG, phase 1.
  • Measures are for understanding and improvement, so you can make informed choices about change should you decide on phase 2.
  • Like all GPs, you are under continuous workload pressure.  All our data collection is designed for speed and ease of use, with CCG access as required.

Each practice will have a personal training partner (four of our team are local).  You have a private webpage with all the resources you need, offering four unique and powerful elements.  All are equally valuable, but you don’t have to do them all.

  1. Our Navigator suite, measuring demand, service, flow, efficiency and continuity. Extracting from your clinical system, all you need is half an hour or so to set it up. We do the rest, and feed back to you two full years of analysis. Take a look at the demo.
  2. Datalog, one week of data capture, online and in real time as you work.  No paper, no collation, no spreadsheets.  We do the analysis and feed back to you.  When do patients want to be seen?  How urgent?  Do they want to name a GP or not?
  3. Loadmaster, rota planning made easy.  In a matter of minutes you input your current rota, and through the Navigator suite we build a model of demand and capacity for your practice.  This is crucial for understanding current efficiency and how a new demand led model could help you go home on time and save GP sessions.
  4. People matter, so our Staff Survey very simply asks what they think, about the service, their work and how they would like things to be.  You may be surprised at the common themes which emerge.  But decisions will be made by partners, and the Leading Change Questionnaire, although only a few minutes work, draws out your desire and motivation for change, and the way you will lead it.

In just two weeks everything is ready and we come to feed back to you.  The storyboard answers the questions, “What is like to be a patient?  To work here?”  On the basis of the evidence, “Where can we go from here if we want to change?  What will happen, when?”

We’ve helped over 60 practices through our Launch Programme and if you decide to go forward to phase 2 we’ll adapt it for you.  See from our case studies and research how, within weeks, the burden of overwork is lifted, patients are delighted, and GPs look forward to coming to work again.  Dr Reggie Sangha is just one.

Nothing is wasted:  all your data collection work rolls into the next phase and you will find yourselves already well prepared.  You move on to planning and patient communication.

How can we offer such a solution to you so soon?  It comes from our vision “to transform access to medical care” and our passion for general practice in the NHS.  This, coupled with our unique software, analytical methods, evidence base, and a belief in better.

Harry Longman, founder and chief executive.

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