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Resolve rate, central to GP productivity

Resolve rate stable around 60%

Resolve rate stable around 60%

Resolve rate is the proportion of GP telephone consultations which are resolved without the need for a face to face with the GP.

Out of 100 calls, you then see 40 face to face.  This is a resolve rate of 60%, and is stable in many practices as in chart one.  There is no target value, and several factors can affect it, including GP experience, confidence and case mix.  New acute patients are more likely to need a face to face, routine follow ups with good continuity much less so.  However, if the overall rate stays consistently much below 50%, you will save no time and the system can become unsustainable.  Note that for clinical reasons some patients may be seen directly:  this has a small effect on the resolve rate which then underestimates the actual number of calls resolved.

Resolve rate below 50%  became unsustainable

Resolve rate below 50% became unsustainable

The story was different for the practice in the next chart. Beginning with a hybrid where many patients were pre-booked face to face, the message became inconsistent, the resolve rate never stabilised, workload stayed high and morale suffered.

Is there an upper limit?  We have seen one practice where the rate appeared to be 80%.  However, demand was going up, and satisfaction down.  Were patients’ problems not being solved?

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