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Navigator group plans – extended service models

Designed to support Vanguards, GP federations, CCGs and health boards, group plans allow the same analysis at group as at practice level, plus practice comparators and collective analysis. For new service models such as 8-8, 7 day primary care, demand and capacity planning allows highly economical rota design.  Evaluation of performance goes across core hours and out of hours, with the option of analysis by population subgroup.

Practice performance suite
Loadmaster rota planning in hours and OOH
Secondary care analysis
7 day, 8-8 evaluation
Performance by population subgroup eg 75+
Pharma analysis practice & collective
Datalog real time research
Patient surveys & analysis
Subscription, monthly per patient7p11p
Annual prepaid subscription per patient70p£1.10


Minimum subscription is six months.  Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Invoicing is by monthly transfer.  Prepaid annual subscription offers two months free.

Group list sizes are rounded down, with a minimum of 25,000.

Example:  a group with total list size 135,000 selects annual Silver plan.

Multiply by 70p, total £94,500 plus VAT.

Availability:  over 95% of UK practices’ clinical systems are compatible.  We also offer single practice plans.

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