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Datalog Online Resources

Data capture without stopping work.


A key part of our change programmes is delivered online for ease of use, and to help you see what is going on. In each case, you have a link to a web form, and another to a report of all your inputs, private to your practice.


Staff surveys, before and after

When approaching an important change, everyone is involved.  You have hopes and fears, goals you want to achieve and frustrations you want to overcome.  This is your chance to make your voice heard, and you can do so either writing your name or anonymously if you prefer.  It is very simple, just a few questions on one page.

After the launch, you say whether you have achieved what you set out to do, and what you see as the next steps.

During the launch stage, you have the chance to put down what is happening on a practice change wall.  There could be lots of surprises, and it’s a time when people get creative about solving problems.  Bring your ideas.

Reception data capture

What happens when a patient calls?

In a very simple form which takes seconds to complete, receptionists record every patient call (phone or walk in), what did the patient want and was the request fulfilled. There is space to make a comment if something stands out. Doing this survey for a week gives us a clear picture of what happens before and then after the change. NOTE: online this is very quick to do, just 7 clicks. It it is much slower overall to use paper and copy later, also missing out the crucial timestamp. You can try this form out, just put “test” as your initials and it will not be counted.

Clinician data capture

How well are consultations working for clinicians and patients?

After every consultation clinicians take a few seconds to complete a form which gives a precise view of how things are working. Are they appropriate?  Is continuity important, and if so is it achieved?  Knowing the numbers before and after the change is crucial to understanding what the change has achieved.  By making this data very simple to collect, it does not interfere with the busy working day.  Each one is just a few clicks, pre-filling your initials after the first time.  Tens of thousands of submissions have been captured by GPs, helping you make decisions from your own data. You can try this form out, just put “test” as your initials and it will not be counted.

Patient survey after launch

We are here for patients, and their experience is central

After the change, some of the team will be involved in asking patients about their experience of the practice.  Were they given what they wanted?  Did they see the right doctor?  This is in support of the work we do looking at operational performance.

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