Our vision: to transform access to medical care.

Pathfinder resources on your private webpage

Data capture online is fast, easy and paperless.

It’s essential to have good data to make informed decisions on change.   So we have made the process very easy to save you time.  You may want to try things out before the proper study, so feel free to test the links on your private page, just put “test” in the comment box and it will be taken out.

Staff survey – 5 minutes

As your practice is thinking about change, it is important to capture your views. You have hopes and fears, goals you want to achieve and frustrations you want to overcome. Make your voice heard, whether or not you choose to say your name. It is very simple, just a few questions on one page.

Reception data capture – for one week

What happens when a patient calls? Record every patient call (phone or walk in), what did the patient want and was the request fulfilled.  There is space to make a comment if something stands out.   Don’t use paper and copy it in later.  That takes more work and misses the crucial timestamp. Fields marked with a * must be filled in.  You need to put your initials only once per day – keep the tab open and it remembers each time.

Clinician data capture – for one week

What happens in each consultation? Complete the entry after every consultation.  Are they appropriate?  Is continuity important, and if so is it achieved?   The form takes just a few clicks, pre-filling your initials after the first time.  Tens of thousands of submissions have been captured by GPs, helping you make decisions from your own data.

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