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Salvie demo login details

To login as a patient go to salvie.com and create your own patient.  Using your own real email address, you can adopt any fictitious name and date of birth.  Choose a surgery.

Send in a few demands, and see what happens at the surgery.  Note:  you cannot log in as more than one person on the same computer, same browser.  If you want to try, use different browsers eg Chrome, IE, Firefox.

For Bramley Surgery, staff have been set up:

Receptionist login

Elizabeth Bennett
Login: liz@email.com
pw: elizab3TH

Robert Brown
Login: rob@email.com
pw: robpw

Clinician login

Dr Dave Singh
Login: dave@email.com
pw: Dav3s1ngh

Dr Jennifer Walker
Login: jenny@email.com
pw: jennypw

Want to create some temporary fictitious patients, and see the email threads?

Use 10 minute mail

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