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Sore eye: what would you do?

A history in this format is a way for patients to seek help online, without taking any time from the receptionist or GP on the phone.  This is a real patient, but in a real practice the existing notes would be available too.  How does this information enable you to decide how best to help the patient?  Vote below.

Patient ideas:  contact lens had dust or something
Concerns:  it will get worse, puffy, I won’t be able to open my eyes.  Thus I won’t be able to drive
Expectations:  I would like to know if I can just let it get better on its own

Chief Complaint
Teresa M is a 55 year old female. The “sore eye” screening questionnaire was administered.
The following are her responses.
History of Present Illness
#1. “sore eye”
She reported: Eye redness started 4 to 7 days ago.
She reported: Eye redness. Eye pain.
She denied: Eyes burning. Sees rings or halos around lights. Eye swelling.
She reported: Swelling of eyelids.
She denied: Swelling on the surface of eye.
She denied: Ocular pain associated with eye movement.
Associated Signs and Symptoms
She denied: Excessive tearing of eyes. Eyes sensitive to light. Redness around the
Past, Family, and Social History
Past Medical History
She denied: Eye disease.
Review of Systems
She denied: Swelling of face.

GPs, what would you do first?

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