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How to create your SystmOne files for upload

 1. From the top menu: Reporting, Clinical reporting

Select ‘New’ report; title as GP Access and select appropriate category
Select Administration (from left hand side options)
Appointments tab, set appointment date range, i.e Between dates. Select OK

—> Date range, for initial setup need 2 years, then run from “Last updated” which you can see on your Navigator Main Menu, up to yesterday.  Don’t worry about overlaps as they will be detected, but avoid gaps in the history.  (note: 30,000 max records. Reckon on up to 7,500 per month for a practice list size of 10,000, ie 4 months.  For monthly updates this is fine but for initial setup you may need more than one run.  Submit each on a new form.)

2. Click green arrow to run

Right click on report name to Breakdown results

3. Select Appointment fields to output, at left of screen

(round button next down in admin tab):

Appointment arrival time
Appointment booked date
Appointment date
Appointment duration (actual)
Appointment flags
Appointment status
Appointment waiting time (absolute)
Booked by
Time between booking and appointment

4. Select Demographics fields to output, (below Appointment):

DO NOT include fields which show personal information including name, address, date of birth etc.

Age in years   (NB not Age)
NHS number  (Optional – if you wish to calculate continuity)
Refresh (wait for hourglass)

4. Save csv format file.

Button rightmost at top of reports window
titled eg [your practice code] dd-mm-yyyy
Repeat if necessary with new date range.

Save in a place you remember for the next step, then go back to Navigator Upload form.

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