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Testflight guide

Testflight guide for one GP, one day to help you decide.

When you have set a date, please contact our office to arrange data capture and feedback.

One GP runs the session, other staff support

You need to start with a completely free day.  Come in on a day off, or clear a day in future.  It will be intensive but rewarding, as patients are delighted to be called by their GP.

You find many don’t need to see you in person, while those that do, are in genuine need.

Reception will give you a flow of patients to call.  The patients will already be identified and telephone number confirmed, mostly with a one line description of the problem.  You decide the order, call them and take it from there.   If you need to bring them in, ask when they want to come and book them to see youeself.  Most will say today, but probably best not to arrange a face to face before 10am. Then gradually increase the frequency through late morning and afternoon when the calls will diminish.  Take a break every 90 minutes, and lunch.

Record the calls you make as usual on your clinical system, and a summary on the data capture link we send you.  You will also have a feedback link which shows how you are doing.


From the time you start taking calls, you have a game:  you are adding patients to your trial GP’s appointments so that there are always 5 on the list.  When one is phoned, you add another on.  Try and keep this going all day, at least until 17.00.  The slots can be as 1 minute long, as they are only recording the patient request.

To put them on the list, you need to know that they want a doctor.  Take out any requests clearly for the nurse or an admin task.  Identify the patient, and explain that

“Dr… is making his/her own appointments today.   He/she will call you back very soon to discuss the problem, and will fit you in today if possible, or later if you wish.”

Check the telephone number is correct.

Ask  “Just so I can write it down for the doctor, could you tell me in one sentence what is the problem?” Most patients will tell you, but if they don’t want to, that’s fine.

Please do not ask how urgent it is or when they want an appointment.  If a patient wants a call later in the day, put in a specific time slot for the doctor, with a note.


Please leave a few slots available on the day, so that the doctor can book patients in to see you.  2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon should be plenty.

Practice Manager

You ensure that all the above is and runs, enjoy the day, capture what is learned and reflect on what you have found.  Any questions, don’t hesitate to call.

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