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Vision data extract and upload

Appointments data from Vision is extracted by using the Vision Appointment Wizard. You need to download this wizard to your computer and then run it each time you want to extract data. The data is an Excel file which you then save and submit as an attachment via the navigator data upload page.

  1. Downloading the wizard – once only
    1. Log into Vision on a practice computer
    2. You will need a login to Hive here:  Vision appointment wizard
    3. Download the vision appointment wizard which matches your version of Vision.
    4. It unloads itself into O: downloads/guidelines
  1. Extracting the data
    1. Open the Vision appointment wizard.
    2. Enable macros, enable content and links if prompted by the security screen.
    3. Click the red box (Step 1)
    4. Enter the date range of data to extract. Initially send 2 years data, thereafter updates since last time, however long that is, up to last Saturday (Step 2)
    5. Click on the button to “Click here to compile Appointment Data using your selected date range” (Step 3)
    6. This will produce an excel workbook with the requested data.
    7. In the workbook find and delete the column with patient names in order to anonymise the data.
    8. Do not delete the column with clinician names.  These are essential to the analysis.
    9. Save the data as a csv file, ready to submitVision Wizard diagram


  1. Submitting the data.
    1. Return to the Navigator data upload page and complete your details.
    2. Attach the file of appointments you have saved and press “submit”