Our vision: to transform access to medical care.

Welcome to new Training Partners

Thank you for joining us in what is the most exciting and fulfilling work in primary care that we know.  Every day there’s something which says, yes, this is right and it’s helping people in their work, helping patients and helping the NHS.

This page is a useful reference and reminder for some of the key information sources you will need.  Although it is on the website and can be accessed by anyone with the link, it is not in the public domain and is not searchable.  This applies to any part of the website with the /desk or /private suffix and must not be sent outside the company.

1.  Partner agreement – this is what you have signed up to in accepting the email login.

2.  Our systems – the plumbing and wiring which makes things work, more or less.

3.  Internal policies – it’s important to take a read through to be familiar.  They are only one page long.  Part of the reason we have them is to fulfill tender documents, but they also serve a purpose.  For example, look at the one on quality, and you need to know about confidentiality and data protection.

4.  What to do next?  Our work may appear straightforward, but it has endless subtleties. Its principles are pragmatic “What works?” and scientific, evidence based, “How and why does it work?”.  The ethos is improvement, “How do we make it work better?”, and is informed by systems thinking, the work of W Edwards Deming among others.

Explore the website, there is much to discover.  Use the search box top right to investigate a topic.  If you find nothing then perhaps it needs to be written.  One of the key resources which lays out our main programme with practices is the launch timeline and the askmyGP timeline.  Get to know this intimately, try all the links for real, order everything you can and see what happens.  In the fullness of time you may also tackle the accelerator timeline.

It takes time to understand the work, you need to learn by doing as well as reading.  Ask colleagues, as we do our best to help each other.  We run fortnightly video conferences and we look forward to our 24 hour meetings every so often.

5.  Getting started with practices.  There is a fine theory which says that first you need to work alongside an experienced training partner, observing, supporting, and getting to know the ropes.  After a few of these you’ll be ready to work with new ones on your own.

The reality may not be quite like this.  The variables of diaries, dates and places mean that deviations from the theory may well happen and you will need to be flexible.  That is life.

6.  With luck, your efforts will be multiplied.  There are no guarantees, but throwing yourself into the work increases your chances of success and fulfilment.  We hope you will soon thrive.

Harry Longman, generally waving his arms.       You can see further essential details here.

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