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Continuity matters. Here’s how.

Barely a month goes by without a new study on the benefits of relational continuity in primary care.  BMJ in Feb “Continuity of primary care and hospital admissions” concluding “An increase of 0.2 in the usual provider of care index for all patients was associated with a 6.22% reduction in admissions for ACS conditions”. In […]

FMLM Belfast conference, Riverside Portadown

Presented at FMLM Belfast conference, 9 March 2017.  Download pdf here At this largely secondary care event, it was an honour to be awarded runner up.

Dutch study shows 12% demand reduction

“When the Facts Change, I Change My Mind. What Do You Do, Sir?”  There’s a lengthy discussion on who said it first, perhaps not Keynes or Churchill, but never mind. I’ve been saying that there is no evidence of patients being diverted from seeing their GP through online help, and now that’s changed. Our evidence […]

Should patients be heard but not seen?

Dealing as I do with GPs week after week I admit to a twinge of envy that I will never personally be able to help a patient as a doctor, while they get the privilege every day. But we get a little something from the feedback patients leave on askmyGP, and I wanted to share […]

Christmas Peace Dividend

Method:  Telephone GP practice between 11am and midday today 23/12/16 and ask receptionist how busy they are, compared with an average Friday. Sample:  10 practices throughout UK, 6 England, 2 NI, 1 Scotland, 1 Wales, mix of urban/rural/socio-economic populations.  All operate a demand led system, GP telephone response, no pre-booked face to face appts. Results:  […]

They don’t want you to read this

3:30 on Tuesday a practice manager tells me, “I’ve got GPs wandering around, wondering what to do.  We’ve run out of patients”.  Me:  “Get them cleaning windows.”  It was day 2 of launch. Last week a receptionist at a practice 3 months in told me “it’s really quiet today” – we often hear the same, […]

E-consultations – evidence and fear

You can’t have failed to notice that everyone’s talking about e-consultations and whatever the evidence (or lack of it), the GP Forward View fund is forcing the pace. Evidence.  It’s the key battleground because if £45m is going to be spent the public needs to be assured that it’s value for money (more particularly, the […]

E-consultations: “I couldn’t possibly comment”

It’s been a fun week after our official endorsement in the Daily Mail which meant two radio interviews before coffee on Monday.  Huge support came from many GPs and patients who know the truth that a demand led GP telephone consulting system has transformed their lives and their access – thank you all so much. The […]

Analysis of access in large scale GP practice groups

The policy direction from NHS England is for “General Practice at scale” and while there is no blueprint for how this might be achieved, the emphasis is clearly on larger units.  Evidence has been lacking however on the effect of scale or multi-practice groups. This study set out to use public domain sources to examine […]

“I don’t believe it!”

I was talking to a lovely Yorkshire GP this week who knows our work and knows his own kind very well.  He told me how the GPs would listen carefully to the evidence, hear the testimonies of colleagues, nod sagely at how impressive it all was and would solve precisely the problems they face.  Finally […]

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