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Analysis of access in large scale GP practice groups

The policy direction from NHS England is for “General Practice at scale” and while there is no blueprint for how this might be achieved, the emphasis is clearly on larger units.  Evidence has been lacking however on the effect of scale or multi-practice groups.

This study set out to use public domain sources to examine the performance of a number of existing GP multiples, using the measure of perceived access as recorded in the GPPES.

Method:  list the practice codes forming the members of the multiple group.  Extract from GPPES the values by practice on actual wait to see GP, “same day” and “over a week”.  Calculate simple average for all practices in each group.

The resulting chart is below, same day in blue, over a week in orange.  The red column is the average for all practices not included in the multiples.


Conclusions:  most multiples have slightly worse than average performance for “same day”, slightly better for “over a week”, though there are exceptions.  Those listed as GP Access do not belong to a multiple group but are all those who had adopted a demand led approach before the survey was taken in July – September 2015.

List of organisations

Practice code by organisation

Making an appt GPPES 2016 extract

Wait to be seen as charted

Author:  H Longman, November 2016

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