Our vision: to transform access to medical care.

Bourne Galletly, a practice transformed

“People were frustrated that they couldn’t see a clinician when they wanted to.”

“By about 10am we were having to turn people away.”

“We were taking a lot of abuse on reception.  They saw us as a barrier.”

“We’ve seen growth in our business as word has got around town.”

“Now patients are speaking to their usual GP all the time.”

“I can only see positives”

By the way, walk-ins have dropped from 30% to 3%.  There’s just no need to queue.

Curious about how the change looks in terms of data?  Login on our Navigator demonstration.


4 responses to “Bourne Galletly, a practice transformed”

  1. Neil Myers says:

    Very interesting thanks. What is your % of patients making contact every week?

    • Harry Longman says:

      It’s 7.4%, but includes many requests for nurse which the GPs have decided to phone too, which is working well.

  2. This is truly remarkable, i wish i lived in Bourne.
    Tell the health minister about this remarkable achievement and get him to bring it to prime ministers questions
    Your practice can lead the whole country by example

  3. Brendan Young says:

    Congratulations to the Bourne Practice staff for taking steps to change a failed system.
    Less stressful for all and better access for patients.
    How does this help you focus on prevention of high risk patient hospital admissions ?

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