Dr Ed Diggines explains patient dynamics. Genius.

Dr Ed Diggines is a GP in Essex, who has been using the GP Access model since April 2012.

Starting with a patient simply asking for help, he explains how patients do the logical thing at each point when faced with restrictions on access, not what you want them to do.  Only a whole system approach, operating in and out of hours, ensures quality and economy.

Anyone running a Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund scheme needs to see this, full screen.

If you want to understand how to design a responsive and relational general practice service, both in and out of hours, this could be the most valuable 20 minutes you’ve spent in years.

Presentation and commentary by Ed Diggines, some material from Harry Longman.

2 responses to “Dr Ed Diggines explains patient dynamics. Genius.”

  1. Dr Justin Mccarthy says:

    ed mentioned at the beginning of the presentation that there is currently no incentive for core hours GP to increase their productivity.How did you persuade colleagues to do this and improve access perhaps at the expense of doing more lucrative work?
    Thanks Justin

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