Enabling Demand-Led General Practice

We are starting the New Year with a positive vision of what we collectively can do and how to do it.

Call it a manifesto, in this major new paper we show how GPs can solve their capacity problem, improve patient care and rediscover the joy in their work.  Click to view.

Enabling demand led general practice

Early reviews from leaders in the NHS have been extremely positive.  Dr Clifford Mann, President of the College of Emergency Medicine, kindly tweeting from @RCEMPresident “Some great work on demand/capacity issues in primary care from someone with a fabulous pedigree of innovative thinking.”

You’ll find the pdf reads best on a screen larger than a smartphone so I recommend downloading to a PC and 10 minutes concentrated effort.

But demand-led thinking is far less effort than re-organising NHS forms and structures.  How do you find the MEPRA model works as a way to describe the process, at any scale?

Looking forward to your thoughts.



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