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Innovation Unit highlights our work in healthcare

Innovation Unit 10 solutions for 21c healthcare
We were surprised and delighted to be picked out by the independent Innovation Unit from new ideas around the world, as one of

“10 solutions for 21st century healthcare”

Citing our work as item 5, under our former name of Patient Access, authors Wilson and Langford write:

“It provides easy access into services,  Trying to access a GP can be time consuming and frustrating. GP Access uses a simple method to radically transform this process.  In surgeries that use the GP Access model, patients are able to access same-day care from the GP of their choice, no matter what time of day it is. The GP Access method is simple: rather than phoning to make an appointment, patients request a call back from the doctor to discuss their care needs. This request is recorded by the receptionist, and passed on to the GP. On average, GPs call back within an hour. This route enables patients to have a same-day appointment if necessary, or to receive advice or assistance from the GP over the phone instead. The service is available to patients throughout the day; rather than being restricted to ringing up at set times for batch-released appointments.

It improves the consultation itself

Using the Patient Access method GPs are no longer tied to 10 minute appointments. GPs are able to help many patients over the phone, without the need for them to visit the surgery.  This frees up a substantial amount of GP time, which can be allocated to other patients who might benefit from a longer consultation. GPs often carry out follow-ups over the phone to discuss progress, raise concerns or arrange another appointment if they feel it is necessary.  This model makes better use of everybody’s time and offers efficient opportunities for continuity of contact between GPs and patients.”

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