Picking up the pieces

It feels like picking up the pieces after earthquake, storm and wind.  By the time you read this Westminster might have erupted again, but life has to go on.

It’s a time to appreciate moments of beauty, like a double rainbow I saw earlier.  To smile at things which came right today.  The dishwasher is working again after a month on error code 15, when a repair man discovered a mouse nest in the works.

And in our world of general practice, many many good things have been happening through examples of fine leadership.  We’ve helped a number to launch their new demand led system in recent weeks, in Northern Ireland, Lincs, Worcs, Derbys and Somerset.

The testimonies have been humbling, from patients:

“Your new service is excellent. Dr D telephoned me @ 8.30 and gave me an appointment to see her at 9.20am. Excellent. It is very reassuring to know that I can see someone on the day that I am ill.”

“I would like to commend the reception staff on their diligence and politeness”

From GPs:

“To date, my patients have all been happy with our changes. I have had only positive feedback.  Reduced pressure during the day job, have actually left the building on time!”

“patients are seen on the same day so no waits and no DNAs.  We can now meet demand; the stresses on GPs and staff have reduced and patients don’t wait – a virtuous dynamic.”

From reception:

“very positive, patients being seen same day and not waiting for weeks for an appt. Less stressful got my life back.”

It’s exactly five years since I formed GP Access and this is what gets me out of bed.  Thank you to those hundred or so practice teams who had the courage to make a decision and follow through.

Harry Longman

07939 148618

Founder, Chief Executive, GP Access Ltd

PS Now more than ever let’s show how we can contribute as Europeans, join me at the European Forum for Primary Care conference in Riga, Latvia, 4-6 September.

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