Dr Peter Devlin writes on day one of Launch

Peter Devlin is GP Partner at Benfield Valley Health Hub and Founder & Medical Director of BICS Ltd.  The Brighton based primary care organisation is a Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund winner and already winning plaudits.  Part of their offer to patients is to speak with a GP within minutes, and always be seen the same day – the practice has just launched the GP Access model.  He writes on day one:

It was full on, with very high demand, so, a normal Monday then. What was different was that I felt in control for the first time, and I could see the demand as it was coming in, rather than simply experiencing the demand as an ad hoc and random set of individual requests coming through my door.

I found that the face to face consultations were very different in feel, having already conducted the telephone triage conversation, and at least having a rough idea of what the consultation is going to be about before the patient walks through the door; this gave me the luxury of being mentally prepared for the more challenging presentations.

I also liked the visibility of the teamwork – in the “old days” when you were shut away in your room, feeling overwhelmed, you had very little sense of what anyone else was doing – it was easy to be pulled into a personal mind-set of persecution. This was much better. I am actually looking forward to next Monday!

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