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On G-Cloud 9

On cloud 9, or, “In a state of blissful happiness” is perhaps a little overstating it, but we are delighted to be on the government’s G-Cloud 9 Procurement Framework from 22nd May.

Phrases like “procurement framework” tend to bring me back down to earth with a bump, but I think this one could mean something really good, and I quote from the gov.uk Digital Marketplace:

“Buying services through frameworks is faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts.”

Right, so there’s one agreement set up between the Crown Commercial Service and us, following all the OJEU rules and thoroughly tested for compliance with all the relevant standards:  NHS IGToolkit, Clinical Safety standards for software SCCI 0129/0160, secure hosting and communication on N3, you name it, all the painful, boring but essential stuff.

Yes it has been painful and I pay tribute to all the GP Access team and our partners who have done such a grand job in getting us there.  It is right and proper for the process to be thorough as patient safety and information security are paramount.   We have seen too much lately of what can go wrong, yet we must not lose sight of the great benefits that technology can enable for our health service.

In the first couple of weeks we’ve seen over 700 patients use the new askmyGP to get help online.  One emailed Concord practice at 9.14am last Monday, a time when patients in most practices would still be hanging on the phone, trying to get through.  She already had her problem sorted by the GP and just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding service.

Now that’s what really gets me on cloud 9.

Harry Longman

07939 148618

PS  Do explore our new askmyGP website, where all the services under What We Do are on the framework.  One of the requirements of G-Cloud is that you can’t raise your prices for two years, which we weren’t planning to do anyway, but it means we can guarantee that if all you want is the online consultations Start package, it’s 25p/patient/year plus vat, and that can be fully funded by the ring-fenced GP Forward View allocation to CCGs.

PPS  The application process did have its lighter moments, my favourite being where you have to agree to the statement that “all the above statements are true”.  Unbeatable logic.

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