askmyGP – no need to hang on the phone.

See how the askmyGP service works in a practice example:

Below: how the patient answers questions and the GP receives the detailed history.

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2 responses to “askmyGP – no need to hang on the phone.”

  1. melinda creme says:

    I work in inner city London where English is not the first language . Is there a ‘ google translate ‘ part to this website ….otherwise it would only seem to work for English speaking patients ,with a computer /tablet and router. I see most patients have smart phones these days but not necessarily with 4G plans…

    • Harry Longman says:

      Good question and the short answer is that it is often easier to get help from a friend or relative to translate the written word than try to get an interpreter. You also have your own time. The longer answer is that yes, the questionnaires can be translated into other languages, but with 80,000 in the database that is no small task. I think this is worth looking into as an investment by local NHS for some language groups.

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