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Newtown Birmingham launch week

Newtown in inner city Birmingham took the decision to launch in September, and on 27 October it all happened.  This is the complete record of their online feedback from that week.


I’m feeling… The reason is…
Joy The only way it could have gone smoother – is for new telephone system to have been in place earlier.
Interest Not a lot of walk in for now possibly before 11:00 🙂 but the phone is busy at all times.
Surprise This is looking great! Hope it keeps up! 20 f2f slots were not taken up this afternoon. Last patient was seen by one of the GPs at 4.30PM!!! Everyone had finished by 5.45pm!
Joy Up to now it’s fantastic – calls have slowed down and the surgery is quiet.
The only problem this week – it may pick up around now because the kids are on holiday and the moms tend to come in later.
Other than that its going great & so much better with the numbers instead of appt times.
This could be the turning point already – who knows??
Interest Better
Interest Find the new system Very Good…
Worry Walk in the park compared to yesterday!! If it’s going to be this unpredictable though as yesterday am for me was awful – it’s a problem in itself.
Joy I am so glad we have changed the access after years of discussions and deliberation. We hope to give right access to right patient at right time with right person.
Joy Staff have worked very hard since the start of the new system and have been very positive about this major change.
Interest “Getting the hang of it but I realise it will take time “.
Need Front desk not mentioned patient waiting in reception and not updated mobile. Failed calls 3 times on old number. Going slowly today!
Interest It’s not too bad – still a little messy but on the whole I think it’s much better and should only get better with time.
Interest First  day  was  good   finished  surgery  less  stressed  than  normal  – Also  has  3  patients stating  system much  better . Also  had  2  face  to  face  slots  unused
Yesterday  needed  to  see  more  patients so had  to  add  in  1  extra  slot  but  still  less  stressed  than  normal.
Interest i think it’s been ok today  patients booked to come back but it’s been ok  not manic.
Surprise Again, finished at 5.45pm. I guess it’s half term, but then it was a good time to get started to sort out any teething problems!
Joy Getting the hang of it now…feel more confident in telephone triaging.
Have definitely noticed that I am more relaxed during consultations and don’t feel overwhelmed by 10.30am!
Feel I am looking forward to coming to consult in the mornings.
Joy Excellent getting  smoother – Also I’m getting  more exercise- taking  scripts  to  be  collected  to  the front  desk  or  blood  forms  to  the  treatment room. Before  I  was  sitting  in the  same  seat  for  hours  shut  in a  room  not  seeing  anyone  else  other than the  patients.
Interest Getting easier
Worry Patients won’t answer their phones !  11 patients had to ring back multiple times yesterday morning and 4 patients today completely unable to contact during morning surgery. Newtown patients will place the blame and any associated risk on us. – please add to wall.
Interest Took a bit longer; more unanswered calls, but OK on the whole-if this continues we’ll be fine!
Joy I feel like our new system is inproving by the day and I feel more confident in reassuring patients that this change is in the best interests of the patients and it will work. I am hoping within 2 weeks the  practice can see a huge change around and not dread the phones starting at 8.30am as before. Not bad for the first week!

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