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NHS England Urgent & Emergency care and telephone access


The NHS England Urgent and Emergency Care has published its report.  The Keogh review, led by Professor Keith Willett, considered evidence from a wide range of sources including Patient Access, the former name of GP Access, reference 176 on page 35.

The original paper is published on our website research page.  The research makes clear that the effect of 20% lower A&E attendance was seen only in those practices adopting a whole system approach to access.  While Keogh cites this as evidence, the discussion and key messages are somewhat equivocal as they do not look at the whole system.  They do call for further evaluation, with which we heartily agree.

Evaluation needs to be independent, academically rigorous, and in sufficient depth to understand both the whole system and the nuances which can make the difference between success and failure.

Advice has been published by NHS England on Actions to Reduce Hospital Admissions, see page 13.  The relationship is cited between ability to see a preferred GP, and the proportion saying “very easy to speak to a GP on the phone” (measured by GPPES).  A model by Professor Martin Roland is quoted, and in the discussion on page 23 further evidence is quoted, alongside the need for more research.



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