Our vision: to transform access to medical care.

Not for the faint hearted

Our vision is happening, but far too slowly.  We are here to transform access to medical care, for the benefit of patients, GPs, their staff, and the NHS.  But we need to multiply our capacity, so we’ve decided to take our own medicine and do something different.  We can now deliver our launch programme for demand-led general practice remotely.

The new option goes through exactly the same five stages in the same 12 week timetable, with the same training resources, the same online data collection and analysis, the same planning, the same patient communications.  Our training partner offers a personal service to the practice, working through all the questions and problems which arise, but all remotely.

I wanted to name it the “Balls of Steel” programme, but Chris Hanney, our grandly titled Director, New Care Models, said that was sexist.  I said these are doctors, they’ve seen everything.  He kicked me.  So it’s called “Not for the Faint Hearted“.

When is the new procedure indicated?

  • you work hard but want to feel less stress, enjoy your working life and save money
  • you think you know what demand-led means, you’re excited by the case studies & webinars and you’re pretty sure it’s the right thing to do
  • you’re equally fed up of never-never politicians’ promises, and being told by RCGP/BMA that you’re pitiful and helpless
  • you haven’t a lot of time and can’t afford to make mistakes


  • you’re blissfully happy and don’t want to change a thing
  • you don’t understand the difference between cost and investment
  • while no team is perfect, you know your practice is frankly dysfunctional

The good news is that we can do the whole complex intervention for a one off fee of 60p/patient, exactly halving the price.  The’ maximum is £9,000 (any practice over 15,000 list), minimum is £3,000, all plus VAT.  This is for the GP telephone led model, while for even greater return you can add the online askmyGP service with our low start pay-as-you-go*.

It’s small change for a GP practice, the revenue from a few dozen patients, but the change is transformational.

Are there risks?  We can’t prevent you from making poor decisions, but we can explain the likely consequences.  If you feel that on site support is needed, the original launch programme is available as ever at £1.20/pt.

Whatever you do, leadership is crucial and so as a first step, I invite you to spend five minutes on our Leading Change Questionnaire,

Do it now and I will send by return what we have learned about the three most common reasons for failure.

Harry Longman

PS  I was reviewing one of our elearning courses last night and was struck again by Dr Paul Cregor’s comment, “We should have done this earlier”.

* askmyGP is also available on its own, giving you online accessibility with help to set it up but without the intervention.  It works brilliantly, but don’t expect much impact.  Nigel Edwards writes in this week’s BMJ, “The problem to crack is changing how people work, not how the machines work.”

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