Turning your patients on to e-consultations

A reminder that our webinar starts in 24 hours, live tomorrow Thursday 3rd March at 8pm and Friday 4th at 1pm.

Yesterday I recorded the interview with Dr Rupert Bankart and was stunned by what he had to say.

“This has changed general practice…

It’s enabled us to get through the patients more efficiently, financially too…

Takes less hours in the day – we get home earlier”

Do join us to find out how his Peterborough practice made the switch to see 800 patients use askmyGP in the first month.

Webinar:  Turning your patients on to e-consultations

I know it seems odd but perhaps for once that government “ambition” to get 10% of patients interacting online is in the right direction!

I’ll be explaining how the benefits stack up as you fly over 50%, and how the askmyGP pricing helps you.

Speak soon,

Harry Longman

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