Our vision for 2014: more stories like this.

Our vision for 2014 is to transform access to medical care.  It’s the same as it was in 2013, 2012 and 2011.  W Edwards Deming called it constancy of purpose.  We’ll be working constantly to improve what we do, and we have some very exciting developments in the pipeline.  Have you tried the new Navigator demo?

We will be helping more and more practices.  The first of the new year launches on Jan 13th, in Derbyshire.  The last of 2013 was Phoenix Surgery, Swindon, on 9th December. Dr Peter Swinyard tweets the story, from @phoenixdoc:

Day 1  Liberating. So far this am on my list, 22 phone calls completed, 9 coming in for face-to-face – #gpaccess. Brill!

Pleasant Monday morning at surgery. Lots of good patient contacts. Quick appts for those needing face2face

Day 2  First impressions of working with #gpaccess are happy patients seen quickly and happier staff saying yes to everyone

Day 4  Our waiting time in waiting room fallen from 26 mins to 2 mins with GP triage. Seeing patients in 20 minutes from call not 2 weeks

Day 5  @clarercgp @harrylongman Clare – the more I use it the more impressed I am. End of first week, working brilliantly in small practice

Week 2  Another 4.20am alarm clock tomoz to let @Daybreak into the surgery to talk about #gpaccess – transformational results in less than 2 weeks.

Week 3  Wk 3 of GP Access. The Monday before Christmas and my partner and I have lots of spare capacity. Patients seen very quickly as needed.

@GPonlinenews Take the leap of faith and go to GP Access. Transformational access for patients, better for GPs and staff too. #GPAccess

@StuartBerry1 @harrylongman @ReedyfordGP We were scared, sceptical, worried about major change. Now 2 weeks in:loving coming to work. All OK

Our waiting room 1140 xmas eve. All pts seen as needed. No queues #gpaccess pic.twitter.com/SHBMU0v1z4

@drgandalf52 @drbobmorley And now they don’t have to wait! My patients’ average time in waiting room now about 2 minutes. #gpaccess

@StuartBerry1 We couldn’t believe the change. But preparation was key. Textblast to patients v valuable

Week 4  Main change from GP Access appt system is patients keep telling me how much they like it! Seeing the right people quickly #GPAccess

@clarercgp Try the GP Access system. Works beyond my best hopes! 4wks in, capacity up and no wait to see own GP #GPaccess

Thank you Peter.  Apart from that, it’s rubbish.  By the way, in one of your patient’s own words, see Phoenix Surgery on NHS Choices.  You asked, “Where has all the stress gone?”.  Something has changed, but it’s not the doctors, staff or buildings.  The environment, the patients and their needs, are the same, and it would be premature to say that culture has changed in the space of a month.  No, what has changed is simple yet profound, the system.  If anyone in NHS England is reading, if they’ve made it through their 92 page Strategic and Operational Planning 2014-2019, hello.

We will ask, “What works, why, and how do we make it work better?” throughout 2014.  To cover all Kipling’s honest serving men:  who is through a growing team of people with a passion for making a difference, where is all over the UK (though we have an enquiry from New Zealand) and when is just as fast as we are able.

Call that a “plan”, if you will.

Harry Longman


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