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Dear Mr Hunt

You told parliament yesterday that it was time for “an honest conversation with the public about their use of A&E“.  Are you up for one too, as Secretary of State? Unfortunately there is no evidence of honest conversations, cajoling, beating or any other persuasive endeavour having the slightest effect on patient behaviour in seeking healthcare. […]

E-consultations: “I couldn’t possibly comment”

It’s been a fun week after our official endorsement in the Daily Mail which meant two radio interviews before coffee on Monday.  Huge support came from many GPs and patients who know the truth that a demand led GP telephone consulting system has transformed their lives and their access – thank you all so much. The […]

“Digital enablers” all over the STPs – meaning?

It’s been a tumultuous week as big business interests threaten our way of life like never before.  Thankfully the attempt by Toblerone to bury the bad news as they cut 10% off our chocolate has spectacularly backfired. More important news struggling to get heard is the publication of the first of 44 STPs covering England. […]

Marginal gains – don’t get out of bed

Not long ago a local NHS manager told me they were pursuing the Dave Brailsford model of lots of tiny little improvements – he the cycling supremo who let us bring home so much gold from the Olympics.  I thought it a one off comment, but a blog of Roy Lilley’s this week called it […]

Welcome to the no waiting room

I shared a lift to the Best Practice show this week with my very good friend Gareth McCague and crawling along the M6 he asks me, “what does your demand led system mean for premises?” Well that got me thinking, because one of the first things we notice is the empty chairs on Mondaymorning – […]

GPs, where were you when they stole your profession?

  People are sending more and more parcels these days, if you’ve noticed the queues at your local post office.  This has got me thinking.  I’ve learnt from a focus group that people would love to be able to send parcels from home at a time convenient to them, evenings and weekends especially. So I’ve […]

Digital dreams, uncomfortable truths

How many times have you heard the promise that patients will self care with health apps and websites instead of bothering their GP?  And then compared the promise with the daily reality of demand slowly, steadily ratcheting up? I wrote The Diversion Myth over a year ago and I’m glad to say we can revisit it […]

A sobering week for the “GP at scale” crowd

So much has been staked on the promised land of “General Practice at scale” that I always look out for new reports on the evidence.  It has moved me to do my own research too. Nuffield Trust published their latest review on Large Scale GP in England last week. Plough through 47 pages if you […]

Northern Ireland: happier GPs, happier patients

GPs, staff and patients from four practices in Northern Ireland explain how they have transformed their working lives through adopting a demand led system. “Patients were angry because they were waiting so long.” turns to “They’re loving it now” – receptionist. “From being very skeptical… I’m very positive”  Donna Casey, manager “Our big concern was that […]

EFPC 2016 Digital access, efficiency and equity

Presented at the European Forum for Primary Care annual conference. Riga, 4-6 September 2016. A pdf version of the poster can be downloaded here:  EFPC Riga Digital channels v1

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