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Why I’m looking forward to 2017

Yesterday in deep frost the view from Great Mell Fell in Cumbria was blissful.  I hope your holiday had similar moments, and they will continue to inspire as we get to work in 2017.

I’m optimistic about the year ahead as more and more GPs and their patients are seeing the benefits of a demand led system, whether phone or online.  But I’m concerned about polarising views and we saw this only last week when, perhaps to her own surprise, RCGP chair Helen Stokes-Lampard made the front page of the Sun with “A MONTH TO SEE GP” winter misery shocker.

The testimony of hundreds of GPs says there’s no need for a trade off between workload and waiting time, and no need to divide the infinitely variable needs of patients into “urgent, trivial” and “routine, life threatening.”  They know they can deal with demand as it comes in, appropriately and compassionately.  We shall keep on putting that message across because it happens to be based on evidence.

Already today this year a new practice has launched, in the west of Fermanagh about as rural as it’s possible to be in these islands.  There isn’t even a house next to it, just fields.

And this morning these three patients left the latest feedback on askmyGP:

Better since streamlined process. Thanks! (f 41)

Feel I can explain my problem easier writing it than talking about it. Quick service is great  (m 38)

I use this service as it saves me from making a phone call, it is easy to use and i have received a follow-up call from the GP quickly (f 17)

This is what should be on the front pages.

Harry Longman

Chief Executive, GP Access Ltd

07939 148618

PS we’ve been very busy today with enquiries on askmyGP, as new year prompts new ideas and minds turn to making the most of the GPFV funding.  Do get in touch.

PPS Completely agree with Helen Stokes-Lampard on the pointless waste of 7 day opening for GPs.  As she says on SkyNews, the arithmetic doesn’t work.  It’s the myths and the maths again.

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