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Something to aim at

I’m just back from my first ever parkrun, and what a phenomenon it is.  If you haven’t done one of these 5km runs near you at 9 on a Saturday morning, give it a go – you don’t even have to run.

One of the joys is that you are doing it with hundreds of others around you, of all ages and abilities.  Another is being part of an international movement.  The thing itself is good to do, outdoors, exercising in nature (on good paths).  And then there’s the sense of achievement you get from your precisely measured time, however fast, versus yourself or the rest of the world, whatever matters to you.

You’re waiting for the link with general practice?  I was at the fabulous FMLM conference in Belfast on Thursday, best ever discussion starter from the GP group chair:  “Task one – what do patients most want from us in primary care?”  It’s amazing how seldom we hear that.  Well, lots of good things going on in NI and I was sitting with Philip Lusty who was runner up in the poster competition with this hum dinger from Riverside Portadown.

The measures are amazing, and just what matters to patients first of all, how long before I can get help from my GP?  From 6 days to 42 minutes in 12 weeks.

Someone wants to beat that now.

Harry Longman

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PS Meanwhile in Ipswich, Barrack Lane set a new record of 252 patient submissions on askmyGP in week one!

PPS My parkrun email has arrived as I write, 21:56, I have a new task for next week…

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