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Spraying cash at the walls or feeding the seals?

If like us you have been burning the midnight oil to get your Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund bid perfected for the deadline yesterday, you’ll have enjoyed a night out and a lie in.

But lamps will soon need to be refilled for the next deadline, 2nd February to express your interest in the £200m New Models of Care fund.

I wonder whether there’s a plan.  We know primary care should have its slice of the pie restored (quite rightly as that’s where the best value lies)

Is it a case of spraying a thick cash paste at the wall and seeing what sticks?  Or, scanning down my metaphor dictionary to “zoo”, more like announcing a delivery of extra fish and seeing how high the seals can jump?

I don’t know what will work.  But I do give it more chance than the previous Tory policy of flattening the zoo, and rebuilding the whole thing on the same site and with the same animals.

And the previous Labour policy of coralling all the animals to gallop, swim and swoop along together in their Fully Automated Zoo System.

So what are these New Models of Care and do you want to jump for the fish?  There’s an NHS England write up here, seriously turgid 29 pages, and yes, I’ve read it.  They are not asking for long written applications, but this is interesting: “using digital technology to rethink care delivery”.

As with any architectural master plan, there’s an awful lot of detail to fill in.  If the detail concerns the foundations, we’d better get in there fast and the GP-patient relationship is foundations for primary care.

We’re attempting to combine those two thoughts with askmyGP:  using digital technology to enhance the GP-patient relationship.

Stevens’ Five Year Forward View is hot on tech but doesn’t contain the word “continuity”.  It’s a detaiil we must fill in, with the method and the means to do so.  Do get in touch if you are thinking of applying as a first cohort site.

Best regards

Harry Longman
Founder, Chief Executive
GP Access Ltd

PS The video case study is now complete, with the narration as promised, and a walk through of how it works. If you are on Twitter follow @askmyGP to keep up to date.

PPS Laugh out loud at Julian Patterson’s NHS Networks blog on how all the parties plan to lose the election with their NHS plans.  Priceless, as ever.

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