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Welcome to the no waiting room

I shared a lift to the Best Practice show this week with my very good friend Gareth McCague and crawling along the M6 he asks me, “what does your demand led system mean for premises?”

Well that got me thinking, because one of the first things we notice is the empty chairs on Mondaymorning – GPs are all hard at work, consulting with patients at home.  We call it the “no waiting room.”  I know of practices who have carved out another consulting room from the unused space – but of course in a new build, cutting the seats from 40 to 20 would make quite a difference to building costs.

Then of course there’s the car park – it’s always a sign of things working well when we can drive straight into one of the many empty spaces.  “That’s it!” cries Gareth (who knows everything there is to know about about GP premises and pharmacies by the way)

You’ve all seen the new surgeries where most of the land is taken up by parking.  With all the attention on premises in the ETTF & GPFV funds, you can bet lots more tarmac will be laid for patients to park their cars, so they can wait on the chairs, to see a GP they didn’t need to see – it could have all been done in minutes over the phone or online.

Premises, premises won’t solve the problem.  Everything is connected – it’s the system.


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PS.  Michael McKenna runs a single hander practice off the Falls Road in Belfast.  There is no parking.  Until this April he would have 30 patients lined up of a morning, for his 11 seats.  They’ve gone, and I particularly love the bit in the NI video where he looks out of his room on launch day and quietly says “Wow”.

PPS.  I admit to writing this in Luton airport, plane delayed.  Just noticed in the gents that the new Dyson Airblade dryers are built into the taps.  Ah ha – no separate queue for the dryers, lower footprint, value in airport space £££ – everything is connected.

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