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Beware, Mr Trump

Dear Mr Trump,

I get your sense of terror towards all those out groups like women, liberals, Mexicans, Muslims, Chinese (not Russians, oddly?), hordes from abroad… but they aren’t your biggest worry.

You’ve made a great start on dismantling the hateful Obamacare.  OK, 20 miliion more Americans got health insurance, but it didn’t make much of a dent in the 17% of GDP you spend on healthcare.  I agree, however well intentioned it didn’t go nearly far enough.  You want something like our beautiful NHS, halve the cost and cover everyone, dontcha?

You can do even better, ‘cos ours ain’t even free!  Hard working adults have to pay £8.40 just for a prescription.  And hospital car parking can add up to the cost of essentials such as a pint of beer or a couple of newspapers.  Then there’s the appalling inefficiency – most of the population have to wait more than a day to see their GP.

Butt – if you saved half the cost of healthcare, think of all the walls you could build, and the missile shields.  They’re damned expensive, even against friendly missiles, ‘cos those things are soooo unpredictable.

No, the real terror is on a whole different page.  They come in boats and planes as well as over land borders.  They never get work permits, never pay taxes, they can run AND they can hide.  They can move at the speed of light.  They have intent, and meaning, they act alone or in deadly organised cells known as “sentences”.  They threaten your policies and even your person.  One traced to a middle eastern source said “Many who are first will be last.”

They are words, Mr Trump.  Beware words.

Very best,

Harry Longman

PS And now for some good honest real news. This tiny seaside village is so achingly beautiful I can’t wait to go.  They’ve just dived in to askmyGP online access and their website is absolutely the coolest I’ve ever seen (I’ve seen hundreds).  Take a deep breath – you’ll feel better instantly.

One response to “Beware, Mr Trump”

  1. Maggie says:

    Let’s hope he can read. And let’s hope he uses words rather than walls and bombs. Scary times.

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