Our vision: to transform access to medical care.

askmyGP product family

Practices, federations, CCGs and health boards want the freedom to choose their own way forward, knowing that all the elements are thoroughly proven and evidence based.

For those who want to offer a fully functioning online consultation service without any significant change in practice, the Start package is all you need.  Available only to multi-practice organisations, it is fully funded by the GP Forward View from April 2017.

But if you want to make a decisive difference and take control of your working life, while making a step change improvement in patient service, you need the Transform programme. Proven in over 100 practices throughout the UK, it’s making waves in general practice.

After the first year, which includes a 12 week intensive programme, continue with the Improve package, combining askmyGP with our unique GP Navigator analysis suite, and supported by your personal training partner through the year.

askmyGP online consultation systemYesYesYes
askmyGP setupYesYesYes
12 week intervention programmeYes
GP Navigator performance suiteYesYes
Year long improvement supportYesYes
Pricing per patient, ex vat25p annual£1.90 first year79p annual
8p monthly
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