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askmyGP Transform programme

Online entry offers convenience for patients

Online entry offers convenience for patients

Online access needs demand-led thinking

Seeking help online offers patients a leap in service, convenience, timeliness and quality.  For GPs, being able to see a detailed history before seeing the patient means saving minutes every time, freeing up capacity for those most in need.

Patients want to change, and want to help their GP help them, but to do so they need to trust the service and know that they will receive a rapid response.  Otherwise there will be low usage and no benefit.

Our online consultation service askmyGP and the Transform programme enable the practice to deliver on the promise and keep patients coming back online every time.

  1. Consensus – all the partners need to agree on the need for change, and commit to see it through.  We help you reach the decision through staff and leadership surveys.
  2. Preparation – communicating with patients (leaflets, video, posters), training your team, demand and capacity planning, all led by your personal training partner, and all essential to a smooth launch.  This four week period flies past with a growing momentum.
  3. Launch day – the focus for changing the whole system works best through a single event, gets everyone working and soon thinking differently, and creates the movement among patients.
  4. Adapt and refine – over the next eight weeks we work with you dealing with questions and problems, feeding back on performance and all the numberless events that happen with change.
  5. Waypoint – after 12 weeks, we help you take stock of the ground covered so far with our comprehensive analysis, staff and patient surveys.  It’s a point on the journey of continuous improvement, so patients and practice increasingly see askmyGP as the normal way of life.

See more details on the askmyGP Transform features and benefits.

The investment is a one off fee of £1.90 per patient, minimum £9,700, plus travel and VAT with on site support.  It includes a full year of unlimited askmyGP access, plus Navigator suite, plus personal training partner support for continuous improvement.

The remote programme is exactly the same as above, but all communications and meetings with your training partner are remote, meaning the investment is £1.30 per patient plus VAT, minimum £6,700.

Learn more from the latest published evidence.

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