Comparing webGP and askmyGP

A number of practices have looked at both services and asked us to compare features. Underlying the service design is a different ethos.   Arvind Madan of webGP has said that their aim is to divert patients from consulting a GP.  We have tried, and we wish that were possible, but have seen no evidence that it works – see The Diversion Myth.  Our aim is to help the patient as quickly and efficiently as possible, and the channel shift to online means both patients and GPs save time.

Both systems can be tried at webGP demo and askmyGP demo.

Shift to online, from published reports0.3% to 0.7%. See webGP pilot study No data published since May 2014Several over 20%, see pilot study Latest data, King's Fund July 2016ROI is driven by cost per consultation.
webGP studies, £31 - £72. askmyGP pilot, £1.00
History taking engineFree text and forced selectionBranched logic through 80,000 potential questionsNeed to explore symptoms depending on answers
Range of symptoms or conditions90 conditions with 100 namesFree text entry, 5,500 so far. Inc 200 scales & instrumentsCrucial to allow any problem, or patients disappointed. 81% enter symptoms.
Response timeClose of next dayWithin the hour (working hours)Crucial for patient satisfaction and take up
Choice of named GPNoYesCrucial for continuity of care, 30% of patients choose.
Eligible usersPatients over 18
Registered carers
Patients all ages
Parents, any carers
Parents on behalf of children are 16% of demand, carers 4%.
NHS ChoicesIntegratedIntegratedContext sensitivity crucial to usage
NHS 111Points patients at the service, in and OOH. Cost to commissioners.See practice websiteEasy to do, in our view not worth it, generates rework
"Red flag" alertsYes, hundreds of locations warn patients to stop and choose A&E.No. See "A very bad week for the red flag industry"Impossible to guarantee completeness, therefore potentially misleading.
Access & deliveryPractice website to emailPractice website to emailSame. Registered patients, via secure
Medical insurersNo changeNo changeGP responsible for care
Change interventionNoLaunch programme establishes high usage in demand led systemTransformation is evidence based and recommended for all practices
Integration with clinical systemsPlanned for EMIS WebPlanned for EMIS Web, SystmOne, VisionWill automate current process and save receptionist time.

Note:  the table has been put together from published material.  It has not been authorised by Hurley Innovations Ltd (HIL), the owners of webGP.  Any errors are the responsibility of GP Access Ltd and will be corrected if HIL wishes to make them.