Teleconsulting Mastery eProgramme

You may have done little or no telephone consulting as a GP, so how can you be confident from day one that you will feel at home with this new method?

We’ve put together our elearning programme to solve the problem.  Four of our most experienced GPs volunteered their time, knowledge and thoughts to share with others.

Dr Aminur Rahman is one of the presenters and explains here the benefits for GPs and receptionists.  Elsewhere in the programme he deals with common clinical conditions, how to deal with them over the phone, and when to bring patients in.


The course is structured so that you can take it in small chunks or just a couple of sittings, all at your convenience whenever you have some quality time and an internet connection. Some parts can even be downloaded to take with you while walking the dog.  There are tests at intervals to check learning, and at the end we issue a certificate of 3 hours CPD.

Dr Simon Abrams, a UK authority on OOH triage, writes “The overall layout and function of the E-learning module is very good.  It is easy to use, feels smooth and navigates well… The idea of having several people talking about different subjects works very well. The different voices kept up my focus and attention.  A lot of the information is useful for those considering the GP Access system for their practice… I liked the quizzes – their role is to reinforce learning”

On the Launch programme each practice has one free login to the complete course per 1500 patients, and further logins can be purchased at half price.