Our vision: to transform access to medical care.

Datalog – all done in a week

Paperless data capture

Datalog reception formIn the busy working day there is never time to stop and capture data. Yet without knowing how you are doing, how can you learn,  make informed decisions and see the effect of changes?  Datalog solves the problem by letting you capture only what’s necessary.

Just a few clicks in as many seconds mean you never have to stop work. Over 300,000 entries from hundreds of practices show how easy people have found it.

Effortless analysis

BG patient survey usual doctorWe’ve captured the data, now what? It’s no good without doing the analysis. Datalog does all the hard work for you, with basic feedback in real time.  Further analysis lets you look more deeply at the relationship between variables, for example, are you more likely to resolve an acute or a chronic problem over the phone?  How is patient satisfaction affected by choice of doctor?

Results are posted to your webpage, we do separate offline analysis, talk through the findings with you and send a final report.

Less work, more value

An automatic timestamp on every submission means you capture more than you enter. You’ll see the timing of demand and duration of events to help you plan capacity.  See how your response to patients varies by day of week and time of day.

The only point to collecting data lies in improvement.  Making it easy means more progress sooner.

Datalog is included in our launch programmes, and may also be purchased separately at 15p/patient plus vat.

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