Pilot suite – gets askmyGP flying

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Practices want to know precisely how online access is working for them.  Our pilot suite takes anonymous data from your askmyGP submissions and charts them daily.  You’ll see clearly:

  • Demand
    • Demand by dayBy day, helps you plan rotas
    • By hour, improves your response times
    • By week, plot your progress
    • Patterns to guide how you deploy your capacity
  • Patient usage
    • by age band
    • by preferred times
    • by named clinicians
    • by device platform
  • Clinical analysis
    • Search terms for symptoms and conditions
    • Most frequent problems to the rarest – universal
    • Use to match clinician roles with demand types
  • Patient surveys
    • How are patients responding?
    • How do you need to adjust the service?
    • Charts by new and repeat users, better/same/worse, recommend to others
    • Comments, often the most revealing feedbackHelp from named GP Rydal pie